God wants all to be saved including you from this decaying lifestyle of the world. He calls you through His Gospel and provides us paradigms for the journey from darkness to light.


As a SEEKER from the Bible, we realize our NEED for God’s intervention in our life. As soon as we come to trust in Jesus GRACE, we will move to REPENTANCE from our SINS and TRADITIONS which leads us to SALVATION through BAPTISM. The promise of salvation also includes both the indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT and the fellowship of the CHURCH and live as a DISCIPLE of Christ for the rest of our life.


You can contact us if you want to take this life-changing experiences in you.

Seek Stage

Knowing GOD, Jesus, Word of GOD.

Need Stage

World’s Wisdom vs God’s Wisdom, Sins, Traditions.

Faith in Jesus Stage

Cross, Grace, Repentance, Baptism.

New life Stage 

Discipleship, Holy Spirit, Church.